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About Proximity VIP

We're not your ordinary ``cookie-cutter`` business directory.

We are a global business resource-marketplace offering local businesses expansive marketing opportunities while offering ease of access for consumers to connect with those local businesses in their area. We add new listings daily so make sure to join up newsletter for updates & coupons. You can add your listing or claim your listing that has been previously added to our directory.

Consumers can earn points for making connections with businesses and making reviews and recommendations for other consumers to connect with local businesses. Business owners can earn points by sharing their business listing pages. The more visitors to your pages you receive, the more free traffic allowances you will earn for advertising.

For Consumers: We update our local directory listings daily so that you have the most up-to-date information on local business listings in your area. Whether, you are looking for a local contractor, a Real Estate agent, Attorney, Health Club, Salon & Spa, Car Dealership, Wedding Planner, you will find it here on Proximity VIP.

For Businesses: Every business listing and event added to Proximity VIP Directory gets marketing and advertising to its page PERIOD. Yes, we do offer upgraded marketing and advertising to attract even more visitors and leads for your business, but all pages get SEO juice driving major traffic and lead opportunities.

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New local business listings are added daily in local areas across the world.

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Our marketing team helps to drive targeted consumers to your page.

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